Approach and How we work

We use a collaborative working style and work side by side with the customer in a tandem organization to implement pragmatic solutions. In doing so, we combine external expertise (methods, experience, best-in-class solutions) with the customer's internal knowledge of products and processes.

In order to be accepted as a counterpart, we must first understand the customer's actual situation, at least in the specific project. This gives us an objective view of the options.

In this phase, we perform benchmarking at the customer's site, evaluate weaknesses and strengths, and develop initial proposals for implementation and problem solving.

We know that sustainable results and added value can only be realized in partnership. Therefore, we work together with the customer in the implementation phase.

We work primarily on the basis of a 2-phase model. In phase 1 we start with a short analysis and conceptual work and in phase 2 we focus on the implementation. In this process we know what is pragmatic and feasible and how to define realistic goals. We rely more on results (early and roughly correct solutions) than on late reports (detailed and theoretical solutions).

From 20 experienced experts (employees and freelancers) we can assemble an optimal team for almost any specific task. All our employees have between 10 and partly more than 20 years of experience from industry and / or well-known international consulting companies. In addition, we have access to an excellent network of consultants with more than 30 top professionals, each with a different focus. This enables us to assure the right competences for an ideal project staffing for almost every task.

As experts for mechanical and plant engineering, the supply industry, electrical and automation engineering as well as medical technology, we stand for effectiveness ("doing the right things") and efficiency ("doing things right").

Our strength is our focus on technology companies. Our strength is the holistic mastery of complexity in product and process.