Product Management | Innovation

Product management is an organizational lifecycle function within a company dealing with the planning, forecasting, and marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product lifecycle.

product management and innovation

We addresses the full spectrum of Product Management, from streamlining Innovation and Product Architectures to end of lifecycle.

Todays companies have to face an increasing market complexity. More differentiated customer requirements must be considered, which result in a rapidly increasing variety of products and product ranges. At the same time the high cost pressure leads to the following demand: standardization, high repetition rates, lean processes and low production costs.

Dynamic product planning, management of product platforms and innovation are more important than ever in the pursuit of competitive advantage. Customers’ ever changing wants and needs drive the need to offer products with distinct characteristics.

The requirement: Rapid development of innovative and customized products with competitive costs.

Challenge: Effective Product Management and Innovaton

Companies are in the conflict to offer a broad product range at competitive production costs. An optimal balance between external needs (market) and internal diversity (production) must be ensured.

Important questions in product management:

  • Does our product-market-strategy fit properly for the coming years?
  • How can we manage and structure the internal and external requirements in a requirements specification?
  • How can a consistent change management be installed to prevent unnecessary variant growth?
  • How can we permanently boost innovation in a rapidly changing environment?
  • How do we manage to increase the efficiency of the product development process and also to reduce development costs and product costs with an increasing number of variants?
  • How can we increase the productivity in spite of product complexity?

Our Offer: Built it, Nail it, Scale it

Our goal is to develop market oriented and value-added products with methods as platform design and modularization strategies. Intelligent product structures support standardization, without limiting the range of products, so that complexity can be reduced and the diversity of parts or variants remains manageable.

Dr. Wüpping Consulting GmbH is specialized in technology-oriented product development with the aim to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and interdisciplinarity. The objective is to ensure the best possible innovation, product variety and revenue optimization across the entire lifecycle. To achieve these objectives a powerful product management is needed. With our holistic approach we support you in the alignment of a market-oriented product management.

To attain these objectives, we work with the following methods:

  • Product-Market-Strategy
  • Portfolio Management, Portfolio Analysis, Portfolio Optimization
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Requirements Specification / Requirements Management
  • platform architecture
  • Assortment Optimization