Success factors

Success Factors and reasons to work with us

Product and Process Optimization are the pillars of our success. We help our clients with nearly 20 years experience to optimize their products, reduce complexity, improve operations and accelerate their performance. We accomplish these goals with a hands-on approach to implementing change.

Five reasons why you should work with us:

1. Specialists knowing your business

  • Due to our focus on Product- and Process-Optimization we are able to deliver unique expertise. Our experts are all engineers and dedicated to specific industries.
  • We know your business and tailor specific solutions accordingly to your unique demands in product development, lean production or supply chain management.

2. Proven methodologies

  • We rigorously use proven methodologies to deliver outstanding results. We use a proven benchmark framework for product and process optimization in different industries.
  • We deliver proven tools to develop product- and process-platforms.

3. Focus on implementation and collaboration

  • We deliver results, not only theoretical ideas. A project with Wüpping Consulting does not end with presentations and analysis but only when the project has been implemented together with the client.
  • We use a collaborative working style and jointly work with clients to implement pragmatic solutions. In this we trust more in results (early and roughly right solutions) than in late reports (detailed and theoretical solutions).

4. Transparency and Measurability of the project success

  • Due to our high implementation orientation, clients will be able to precisely measure our performance at each stage during and after the conclusion of projects. Wüpping Consulting lays down quantitative savings and qualitative targets to provide their clients with the maximum benefit in the projects.

5. References

  • Our clients are mostly leaders in their business fields.
  • Basis for the success of Wüpping Consulting is not advertising but recommendations from its high customer satisfaction. It's the most important indicator for the quality of consulting services – and finally, also the prerequisite for new clients.
  • Our clients profit from both our innovative solutions to their challenges and our hard-won understanding of the ingredients of world-class performance. With this focus, we stay well ahead for specialist knowledge and bring a number of important advantages to client engagements.