Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence and Customer Orientation with less Complexity.

Operational Excellence is an element of organizational leadership that stresses the application of a variety of methods and tools toward less complexity.

Basis for successful companies are clearly defined and repeatable processes, which are both efficient and effective. The task is to avoid waste, reduce costs and speed up processes with high added value and low stocks. The issue for modern managed companies is to realize flexible value-added processes with short reaction times and low capital commitment.

Challenge: Operational Excellence in End-to-End-Process

Above all, the flexibility is of particular importance regarding to lot sizes and variants. However, the implementation of lean production methods requires a high degree of experience in the interaction of product structures and value added structures. This is the only way to achieve profound results. The value added structure and the supply chain structure must match product architectures and product structures to ensure the optimal interaction between those disciplines. A modular product structure allows the usage of methods such as cyclic assembly of modules, late customer variant creation and stable product- process segmentation in the value adding area.

operational excellence

function vs. process

Our Offer: Process Optimization for variant-rich production

The primary and overarching objective in the order fulfillment processes is flexibility – the usual balancing act for any company with a broad product range and variant production.

Customers expect low prices, a short response time and a high level of product customization. Variants at the price of a standard product, with a steadily declining batch size are the today’s challenges. At the same time the internal requirements concerning cost reduction, quality and delivery increase.

With "Operational Excellence" (OPEX) and Complexity Management Dr. Wüpping Consulting can support your company to continuously increase flexibility and efficiency.

To attain these objectives, we work with the following methods:

  • Variant analysis in context of manufacturing
  • Manufacturing operations and logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Improved Order Processing
  • Process-Oriented Organization
  • Production System for variant-rich manufacturing
  • Planning & Controlling, Production Processes
  • Production cycles for variant production